Another Week, Another Raid Week

On the weekend, I was kinda busy and sick so I didn’t do much at all in either game. Played an aram or two and did some dailies in RIFT but that’s about it. Nothing major there.

As the title states, the raid week begins anew today. I am hoping we will be spending some time in HK (!!!) and on Rusila! I’m pretty excited for both.

This is just a quick update and I apologize for not posting on the weekend.


Ituziel & Risula Dreadblade

Oh. My. God. The Risula Darkblade fight is fun. I don’t have any screenshots to post but I’ll share with you my experiences.

Rusila Darkblade has about 40 things going on at any given point. I was given a relatively simple job since I am the bardand don’t do any damage. My job in the first part is to mez an add that crawls out of a hatch and keep it there until one of our bomb runners is able to fire a shot towards me to kill the mob and destroy the hatch. There are 3 different hatches that need to be destroyed, each that spawn mob.

Once my hatch is destroyed and my mob is exploded, I am then given the job to soak up the chains. What happens is that on the lower part of the ship (where I spend the entire fight) there are 2 piles of chains. Every so often there is a giant purple circle around these, and someone standing in that circle will be yanked into the chains. There are two ways to escape. One is to have the dps chilling on the deck to kill the chains, or use the pop-up button. The pop-up button takes away 10% of the chains health, but damages you so you need a healer ready to heal you for when you need to break out.

That’s pretty much all I do for the first phase. I did forget to mention the blades. At a certain point in the fight, blades come out of the floor and roll along paths that you need to take to move around. There are a lot of them, and more farther on in the fight.

The second phase isn’t something that we have done much of, still working on getting through phase 1 cleanly. However, it’s pretty simple. Do bard stuff, stand in safe zones, and do more bard stuff. It’s pretty simple.

Ituziel on the other hand. Dear god have mercy. 12m hp with a 5.5 minute enrage timer. Very big dps race with a simple tank swap mechanic, TONS OF DAMAGE, and big fire waves that are instant death if you get hit by one. We spent an hour and a half on him last night and ended up going to Rusila. The lowest we got him was 72%.

All in all they are fun encounters. Shoutout to Trion for this. I’m really enjoying Infernal Dawn!


This is my main character, my baby Zinaella. She is the character that I enjoy playing with the most. You can see her ridiculous hat from Ember Isles as well as my raptor pet named after a Starcraft Pro (I’m just a bit of a fanboy :P) Without further adieu

So yeah – if you see someone running around on Faeblight with a wacky hat, purple Refurbished Mathosian Armor, that’s me!

We also had a visit from Elrar last night! It was kinda neat to see the legend in person (so to speak!)

Oh Darius

Oh Darius Oh Darius

Let me just give you a few of the highlights from my most recent game.

‘mundo noob no gank’ about infinity times

‘this my smurf i don’t care’

‘mundo no gank – riven got 3 gank’

‘my main 1600 camping gold’

These are just a few of the gems that I encountered. My duo queue partner and I, whom I met through reddit, we’re just sitting there facepalming, accepting that we had messed up, but this Darius was just SO bad. Oh low elo, you never cease to amuse me.